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Insects are just one of the hazards of living in a state full of natural beauty. Fighting mosquitoes and flies outdoors is not the same, however, as fighting pests indoors. To fight insects inside your apartment, condominium or house, you need professional help.

Spiders hatch indoors in early spring, and they don't leave until the cold finally gets them in late fall. Even then, their eggs lay waiting. Unfortunately spiders are not benign creatures even if they aren't deadly. Spider venom can hurt humans and is known to cause painful welts and illnesses. If you are allergic to these pests, then the consequences may be doctor visits and medical bills. Just washing the sheets, vacuuming and dusting the cobwebs does not end the spider cycle. After all, insects can just hide in cracks and wait for the duster to pass them by. An insect exterminator can break the hold that spiders have in your residence and make sure that they don't return.

Fleas, ticks and other menaces come inside on pets and people. They lay eggs and soon there is an infestation. Bathing pets and vacuuming are steps in the right direction, but to rid a home, a professional will be needed. Since many are allergic to fleas, the bites can be painful and sore not just uncomfortable. Ticks bring diseases, some of which are debilitating. Don't risk Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme disease. Have an insect control company spray your home and lawn. Make life safe again both indoors and out.

Bed bugs have returned to hotels and homes across the nation. It's a shock when you realize that they have descended on your mattress. It's a nightmare when the mattress is your child's or your elderly relative's. The answer is not in a do it yourself manual. The answer is a professional exterminator who knows the best way to detect the creatures and destroy them.

Termites, of course, cause damage to homes and condos every year. Getting regular treatments and inspections by pest professionals will stop the problem before it happens. Thank goodness for that. The cost of renovating after termites can be astronomical: $1,000, $5,000 and more if there is structural damage.

Of course, pest professionals can rid your home of cockroaches, millipedes, centipedes and other bugs that spread bacteria.

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