Bug Exterminator - Common Bugs

Common bugs cover a wide variety of species, some of which may be more harmful to residents than others. The most common bugs that residents may consider a problem would be the various species of bee and wasp that can make their home in or around your residence. Knowing the difference between the species can help you to deal with the problem properly.

Wasps are bugs that can be easily identified by their hive, which is often formed in a brown, cone-like structure. These hives can be formed on any part of the home, or tree outdoors, and often begin rather small. They have a similar appearance to what you might imagine a smaller honey come might look like, but are visually distinct from a bee hive in a number of ways, the main one being their placement. Of all the bugs, wasps can be the most aggressive when confronted by a person, so it is important to contact a bug exterminator if you have a potential hive.

Another species of bugs is the brown marmorated stink bug. These bugs are not a native species, but instead have taken to growing around the country over the past year. Stink bugs earn their moniker by releasing a pungent smell if they are frightened or squashed, making them particularly loathsome.

Not all of the bugs are pests. The uniquely named Cabbage White Butterfly is one native species that has earned its name based on its diet. The caterpillars subsist on a diet of cabbage and plants in the same family as the mustard plant. Although they may be considered unwanted guests by farmers, these bugs have very distinct, stark white wing patterns that are marked with charcoal-gray coloration along the tip. Another striking species of butterfly is the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, which has a very distinct pattern of yellow, orange, brown, and even blue coloration within its wings. These are just some of the species which are part of the wide variety of common bugs, both harmful and beautiful, which form a rich tapestry of life.

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