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A CA pest can be one of the biggest headaches for homeowners. The various range of temperatures and ecosystems in California result in a wide assortment of pests an owner might have to deal with. Finding the proper solution for each pest can be difficult without an expert. One of the most damaging pests are insects. Termites can cause major damage to wooden homes and other structures. There are 17 different types of termites in the area including dampwood, drywood, and underground termites. Each species of termite requires a different method to effectively combat and exterminate.

While California pests can damage your house, lawn insects can be damaging your front yard. Caterpillars do the most damage to lawns, while beetles can destroy plants and trees. Each insect has a different pattern of damage and has to be managed differently. Improper or overuse of pesticides can accidently kill insects that are actually beneficial to your lawn. Other insect pests that can target people instead of property are bees and wasps. An unmanaged group of bees or wasps can build hives in nearby trees or even inside the structure of a house causing a threat to people, pets, and children.

Pests in California that can be troublesome and potentially damaging is the rat. Norway rats and Roof rats can destroy wiring and insulation causing costly repairs. The waste and saliva of rats can also transmit diseases such as typhus and salmonella to humans. While rat poison can be an effective defense, some kinds of baits are not effective in certain environments.

Possibly the most dangerous pest for people living in a California forest and mountain areas is the rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes present a very serious risk and more than 800 people are bitten by snakes annually. Snakebites can cause serious medical trauma including death. Live, injured, or dead rattlesnakes should never be handled.

The diversity of weather and environment make not just a desirable location for homeowners, but for CA pests as well. Due to the wide variety of pests in the area, a pest exterminator should be consulted to find the safest and most effective treatment against pests that can harm people, and damage property.

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