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A number of common household pests are frequently dealt with in California, including insects, rodents and spiders. Often these animals do no harm, but if they begin to reproduce in great numbers in or around the property they can cause major damage as well as find their way to the food stored indoors. Companies that have experience with CA pest control have dealt with all types of pests and can rid them from the home in a safe and efficient manner that does not put humans or pets at risk.

Dealing With Ants And Roaches

From Yreka to San Diego ants are a common problem in residential neighborhoods. Ants are attracted to sweet and sugary foods and the colony sends out a great number of foragers to discover an easy source of nutrition. Ants can find their way indoors through tiny cracks, and if they discover food they will return to the colony, leaving scent trails for others to follow. Roaches will set up a nest inside walls or near a water heater, reproducing quickly if they have access to food. Homeowners attempting their own pest control in California often meet with poor results because it is virtually impossible for them to destroy the entire population of these colonies, or to locate and eliminate a roach nest.

Termites Are Very Destructive

Termites cause millions of dollars in property damage in the U.S. each year. The western subterranean termite lives underground in areas of California, and these colonies can grow to enormous size if there is a suitable wood supply nearby. Termites love eating the wood that makes up framing for houses and can weaken a structure in a matter of months by consuming the wood under the floors, in the walls and in the roof beams. If termite wings are discovered on the ground or the homeowner notices mud tubes leading from underground to the side of the house, it signals an infestation by these insects.

California pest control companies employ the latest technologies to locate nests or burrows, discover the pathways used by these insects, and seal off the home from future invasions. The field personnel are experts at spraying the interiors of homes properly and keeping the humans safe from dangerous toxins. In addition to ridding the home of ants and roaches, exterminators are also professionals in the area of mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents, which damage homes and property as well as carry disease onto the premises. Proper baiting techniques, eco-friendly outdoor monitoring and trap stations, and a concern for the property as a whole is a priority for southern California pest control companies.

If termites, roaches or ants are seen indoors, it is best to deal with this infestation immediately. Using the services of a trained staff of exterminators from a reputable pest control company is the best bet for making the home a fortress against these invaders.

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