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Bugs can become a problem in any house. Regionally different bugs are common pests. Bugs and insects in Ohio include many of the ordinary ones such as: cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, fleas, flies and mosquitoes. Determining what bug or insect is causing problems and getting rid of these pests can often be difficult.

Bed bugs have recently gained a foothold in the major cities of Ohio. While bed bugs do not transmit disease, they live by feeding on human blood. They do bite and can cause allergic reactions. Since some are pesticide resist, getting rid of them can be difficult. Related bat bugs can cause similar problems.

Cockroaches not only leave an odor, but they carry many germs and contaminate food. Flies and mosquitoes also can carry disease, so can be dangerous when found in large infestations. Some mosquitoes even carry mosquito-borne encephalitis or malaria.

The multicolored Asian lady beetle or ladybug is not dangerous to humans. However, they can seek overwinter shelter in houses in great numbers, and are found again in spring when they come out of hibernation. When attacked they exude a yellowish green liquid that can stain.

OH bugs include the periodic cicadas that emerge in large numbers in 13 or 17 year cycles. While they are not dangerous, they can be an annoyance. This is because of such large numbers appearing in a short time period. The egg laying can cause damage to trees that are four years of age and younger.

Both termites and carpenter ants can damage a house. They consume wood as they build their nests and weaken the foundation and walls. Both are also difficult to specifically locate and then properly eliminate without professional bug or insect exterminators.

A number of mite species can harm people. House dust mites and what they leave behind cause large cases of allergic reactions. Due to the small size of mites, an expert is needed to identify them for proper treatment. Cleaning up mite contaminated materials is important to completely get rid of the problem.

Out of all the Ohio bugs and insects, fleas can be a large problem, especially between the months of July and October. They cause an estimated $1 billion a year in expenses to pet owners. A bad problem with fleas can also cause issues with humans.

There are a number of different bugs that cause problems in a house or yard. Identifying the bug causing the issue and knowing how to treat and remove it can often take an expert. Calling in a professional bug or insect extermination company will help rid the pests from a house.

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