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With over a million known species of insects around the world, and approximately 91,000 in the U.S. alone, you can rest assured that the southern state of North Carolina has her fair share. We all agree that bugs play a big role in the ecosystem, however, some can only be described as pests, plain and simple. Listed below are three bugs in NC and a description of each one.


There are many species of cockroaches found in North Carolina. Cockroaches are among the most detested of all NC bugs. The egg case of a female cockroach can hold up to 25 eggs. This explains how these critters are so quickly able to take over a home. Cockroaches are mostly seen scavenging for food and water at night when the home owner exposes them by flipping on the light switch. A cockroach infestation is evident by the traces of dead cockroach skin, egg cases and feces they leave behind. This evidence may be seen in drawers, cabinets, behind objects and on surfaces throughout the home.


Termites can potentially cause more damage to a home than any of the other North Carolina bugs. Because they feed off of dead plant material, dead trees and wood, they can do a considerable amount of damage in a short time. Termite infestation takes place when they decide to take up residency in the wooden structures of your home. Termites are often confused with winged ants because of their similar appearance. Termites breed rapidly and can be present in your home in more than one location.

Fire Ants:

Fire ants have become a growing problem in recent years for North Carolina residents. They are small, aggressive little ants, approximately 3 to 6 mm long, reddish-brown in color. They are known for the nasty stings they produce. People who are allergic to fire ant venom often find it necessary to seek medical attention in the case of an attack.

These are just a few of the bugs in North Carolina that make their presence known and cause problems for home owners. Other such bugs include bed bugs, spiders, wasps, ear wigs, fleas, ticks as well as many others. If you are experiencing bug infestation problems in your home, the best solution is to call a professional bug exterminator. Professional bug exterminators are highly trained and know the best remedy for quickly getting rid of your pesky critters.

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