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If you live in Phoenix, Mesa or Scottsdale, then you have probably had a brush in with many of the bugs in Arizona that commonly invade households. Aside from the standard examples like cockroaches and moths, there are a few pests. One such prominent pest is the wood boring beetle. Other Arizona bugs include termites and carpenter ants. There are a ton of different AZ bugs to watch out for, but the most annoying of the bugs is probably the fruit fly, which invades homes with the intention of enjoying the much cooler atmosphere.

If you have ever had fruit flies, then you already know that they are a serious pain to get rid of. They ignore the vast majority of traps, they are nearly impossible to catch, and your average fly swatter's holes are far too large to actually work on these little flies. Fly paper is nearly useless, and the little aimless things have the gall to fly in front of your face, to top it all off. Of all the bugs in AZ, the fruit flies are definitely the most annoying. Before you decide to find ways to exterminate your pest, make sure that you are completely sure that you are dealing with fruit flies.

First, realize that they look like little specks of black. You cannot really tell they have they wings, and they very seldom land unless the area is very calm. These common bugs in Arizona feed on fruits and garbage, so if you leave your kitchen for a while and come back, they will be sure to be sitting on something, feeding on your fruits. Another location that fruit flies end up is at the bottom of your refrigerator. They are drawn to the fruits in your fridge but often succumb to the cold of the fridge.

Upon determining that you have fruit fly problems, don't hesitate - call an bug exterminator. The sooner you take care of this problem, the better. Bug exterminators will have all of the proper tools to clean up the fruit fly problem, and with any luck and proper cleanliness, they won't be coming back. If fruit flies are a reoccurring problem for you, then perhaps you should consider having an exterminator come by at regular intervals - after all, it can be quite frustrating to deal with AZ bugs. Get assistance as soon as you can, you won't regret it.

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