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Elimination of bed bugs is very difficult to achieve and is best left to professional bed bug exterminators. Pest management experts understand bed bug infestations and know that a multi-tiered approach for bed bug extermination is necessary. They have up-to-date knowledge of bed bug treatments, techniques and are well-trained in applying approved insecticides in the correct manner. The bed bug exterminator will conduct a detailed inspection, form a specific extermination plan and provide the homeowner with information and steps to take before and after the bed bug extermination treatment.

Steps you can take before bed bug treatment

Before the bed bug exterminator arrives to get rid of bed bugs in your home, eliminate clutter to reduce hiding places for bed bugs. Thoroughly clean infested rooms. Vacuum the mattress, carefully check the seams and pay special attention to the box spring. Do not spray insecticide on the mattress or box spring. Thoroughly vacuum upholstered furniture and all carpeting, especially in corners and where the carpet meets the wall. After vacuuming, place the vacuum bag in a tightly sealed plastic bag and dispose of it immediately.

Wait to steam-clean carpets until after the bed bug exterminator treats your home and gives you the go-ahead to do so. Launder bedding in hot water and dry it thoroughly in a hot dryer to kill all stages of bed bugs.

Wrapping mattresses and box springs in plastic is effective as the bed bugs will starve to death, but leave the plastic covers in place for well over a year, as bed bugs can live up to 18 months without eating. Address the area near the bed, including bedside tables, books, drawers, handbags and plush toys. Look behind picture frames and loose wallpaper, along the edge of carpet and where furniture legs rest on the carpet. Do not forget the closet and the shoes and clothing inside.

Remember, cleaning, vacuuming, laundering and covering mattresses are helpful to assist with bed bug treatment, but they are unlikely to eradicate the entire population. Even people who discard all carpeting, mattresses, furniture and clothing are unsuccessful in eliminating the infestation. Bed bug extermination is a huge undertaking. Professional bed bug exterminators are much more effective in servicing your home. If you see bed bugs in your home, contact a professional pest management company immediately.

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