Bedbug Travel Tips - How To Kill Bed Bugs


People mistakenly think that bed bug infestations occur only in poorly maintained buildings or residences with unsanitary conditions. This is not true: bedbugs do not require unsanitary conditions. They only need a source of blood. They do not distinguish between economy and luxury hotel rooms. Empty hotel rooms, rental properties or long unused dormitory residences are easily infested.

When checking into a hotel, immediately inspect the room for bed bugs. Examine pillows and pull back sheets to look for small reddish brown spots. These are tiny bloodstains left from previous guests who slept in an infested bed. You may see active bugs, their feces or shedded skin. Bed bugs prefer tight, dark places, so be sure to inspect the box spring and mattress, including seams and crevices. The headboard is a very popular hiding place for bed bugs in a hotel room. If you see any evidence of bed bugs, contact hotel management immediately.

When staying in any hotel room, do not place luggage on the floor near the head of the bed. Instead store luggage and clothing on dressers or on luggage racks. Do not put bags, clothes and personal items on beds, bedspreads or upholstered furnishings. Keep suitcases, brief cases, and computers and their cases closed when not in use. Search luggage and contents before vacating the room and again before entering your home.

Researchers have found the current strain of bed bugs to be much more resistant to chemicals than the ones that preceded them. Even previously used treatments and insecticides that are successful in exterminating roaches and similar insects are ineffective on bed bugs. Professionals bedbug exterminators know that an integrated approach will be needed and ensure that family members and pets will be safe. An exterminator will know how to kill bedbugs and give options that will address the infestation in its entirety.

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