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Bed bugs are parasites that require blood to live and reproduce. It is easy to identify bedbugs they are reddish-brown, oval, wingless, and very flat. They are visible to the eye, measuring about three eighths to one quarter inches long. Bed bugs have slender legs, antennae and a long proboscis (beak) that extends forward to puncture a hosts skin in order to feed. They prefer human blood but will feed on other warm-blooded animals including bats, birds and chickens. Young bed bugs may be light brown or yellowish in color. After feeding, an adult bed bug will turn bright red.

Bed bugs are active at night and need to feed in order to reproduce. In order to do so, they live in or around their hosts bedding. Their bites are painless, so the host is not disturbed while sleeping. Many people wake to find swollen welt-like red marks on their skin, usually on exposed areas such as the face, neck, upper torso, arms and hands when they have bed bug bites. There is no evidence that disease of any kind is transmitted via bed bugs, but the sight of the them, the evidence of their bites and simply the knowledge that you are sleeping in an infested environment is emotionally disturbing. Reach out to us today to help you with bed bug control.

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