Bed Bugs in NC

The prevalence of reported cases of bed bugs in NC has rapidly increased over the past few years. The rate of occurrence has skyrocketed in other states as well. It is speculated that this is due to more people traveling in addition to doing it regularly. Oftentimes bed bugs are thought to prey on homes and businesses that are unclean, but that is not the case. Bed bugs have the same incidence across all economic and social settings.


In order to find out if North Carolina bed bugs are paying you a visit, it is essential to know how to recognize them. Adult bed bugs are a reddish-brown color, oval or egg-shaped, and about the size of an apple seed. humans are their preferred hosts although they will use any warm-blooded creatures.

After a human has been bitten, the site will usually take on the appearance of an allergic reaction. It will become red and slightly puffy. Ironically there is no data that has established that bed bugs cause diseases, but people still do not want to share their homes with them!

Difficult to Treat

Bed bugs are one of the trickiest pests to treat because they are so small, nocturnal, and fertile! In optimal conditions, bed bugs in North Carolina breed year round and lay between 200 and 500 eggs each time. A Nymph or baby bed bug matures into an adult in 2-6 weeks and the cycle replicates itself. In addition to that astonishing truth, these bugs can go for a year without feeding so even if a building was empty for several months, they would continue to thrive.

Since bed bugs are resistant to scores of pesticides, a combination approach of chemicals and heat must be used. If only a chemical spray is used, it must be applied directly on the bugs in order to potentially kill them and that is just not possible. Pesticides can be extremely dangerous, possible fatal if they fall into the hands of an untrained individual. Sadly enough, misuse is extremely common. Experts agree that it is best to leave the hazardous treatment of bed bugs to those who are from a professional bed bug extermination company and are able to eradicate the bed bugs.

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