Bed Bugs in Maine - Bedbug Extermination in ME

Bed bugs in Maine have been a major problem for homeowners, apartment managers, hotel managers and government public health officials over the past year.

Bed bugs have traveled throughout the state causing grief to homeowners as they find the insects on their mattresses, clothes, furniture, baseboards, in their rugs and carpets, in cracks and crevices, and other places in their home. An infestation of Maine bed bugs is not limited to houses.

Bed bugs in Maine hotels have crawled into travelers' suitcases, shopping bags, purses and backpacks. Hotel guests who sit their bags or luggage on the floor unknowingly risk having the insects invade their property. From inside the hotel guests' belongings, the apple-seed size bed bugs are able to travel across Maine, as well as the rest of the United States.

Bed bugs are small insects that generally come out at night and bite people as they sleep. The insects feed on human blood. Although they do not spread disease, they leave itchy red bumps on a person's skin.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that reports from around the country about bed bugs are at a 50-year high. Bed bugs have been so bad that the EPA in September 2010 warned residents not to use chemicals designed for outdoors in their home to get rid of the insects.

Frustrated homeowners have tried to rid their houses of bed bugs, but for the most part, they keep coming back. Using certain pesticides in a house, without knowing the risk, can be harmful to residents and their pets. For instance, the Maine Center for Disease Control says insecticide bombs and foggers can spread harmful chemicals throughout your home. Also, chemicals sprayed on mattresses can have an effect on children.

The Maine CDC recommends property owners hire licensed, bed bug extermination company to exterminate the bugs from their home.

Professional bed bug exterminators know how to handle infestations. A bedbug exterminator will first inspect the property and look for all the hiding places of the bed bugs so that they can be eliminating during treatment. Bed bug control services include treating the home with special cleaning, or pesticides, if necessary. The company will also return to the home to make sure that all the bed bugs have been exterminated.

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