Bed Bugs in Louisiana - Bedbug Extermination in LA

Tips For Preventing Bed Bug Problem

1.Check for Bed Bugs at Hotels

Many homeowners find that they have picked up bed bugs in Louisiana while away on vacation. It is important to know, before unpacking any belongings, if there are bed bugs in the hotel room. If this is not done, bed bugs could be carried home, thus spreading the problem. Knowing if there are any bed bugs can be accomplished by checking mattresses on the bed, along with the headboard and any other furniture in the room. Luggage should not be placed on the bed, not even for a moment, as this can pose a risk.

2. Wash Clothes Immediately

Even if a thorough inspection was done at the hotel or another location where a lot of people sleep, this may not be enough. Bed bugs can hitch rides by hiding out on clothing or luggage, without anybody noticing until it is too late. Clothing that was worn on vacation or during a business trip should be taken off once the person has reached their home. Other dirty laundry from the trip should be kept in a bag, separate from other clothing that was not taken, and washed as quickly as possible. If a person is worried that they will not be successful in washing off the bugs, they can visit a dry cleaner.

3. Do Not Buy Used Furniture

Some people, in an effort to get rid of bed bugs for good, will simply throw out their beds. This is not enough to truly get rid of the problem, and bed bugs will stay with the bed for as long as possible. Should somebody purchase the used furniture without awareness of the problem, bed bugs could be introduced into their own home. Unless the furniture is from a trusted source, used furniture and even clothing should not be purchased.

4. Keep Home Uncluttered

Should bed bugs get into the home, it may not be immediately apparent. This is especially true in homes that are particularly cluttered. By cleaning the house a few times a week, bed bugs will have fewer places where they can hide and conceal their existence.

Should bed bugs still get into the home despite great care and caution, it is important to call on a professional pest control service. A professional Louisiana bed bug extermination company will be able to help get rid of the problem, and provide assistance where needed. When it comes to bed bugs a homeowner can never be too paranoid or aware.

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