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Connecticut Bed Bug Removal

The old adage, "Dont let the bed bugs bite," is becoming increasingly more practical throughout the country. It seems as if the old days of bed bugs being everywhere are returning. They are found from coast to coast, in urban cities and rural areas. Unfortunately, no one is immune. There are bed bugs in CT, as well as all other states.

There are a few signs of bed bugs. Upon close inspection, they can sometimes be identified. Bed bugs will use any fabric as a dwelling place. Although they are known for residing in mattresses, these pests can be found in carpeting, clothing, upholstery and any other fabric that might be around. Other places bed bugs might be found are under nightstands, inside dressers, and behind wallpaper and photographs. In sum, bed bugs can reside anywhere in your bedroom.

If Connecticut bed bugs can live almost anywhere, and especially prefer fabric, then why are there not often problems with them in cars? They are not frequently found in automobiles, because cars heat up in the summer sun and become cold during the winter months. Bed bugs cannot live above 120 F or below freezing.

The most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation is by altering the temperature of wherever they are. Heating up a room to above 120 degrees is much easier than cooling it below 32 F. However, few people are capable of getting a room that hot in their house. It is a lot of work, and difficult to accomplish. First, any heat-sensitive items must be inspected, cleaned if necessary and removed from the room. Then, the room must become hot. Residential heaters are not designed with these high temperatures in mind; 120 F is the minimum for every part of the room.

In order to eliminate any bed bugs in Connecticut, it is best to turn to a professional pest control service. As trained and experienced exterminators, they can efficiently and properly handle any sensitive articles. Then, many services have a portable duct system that will direct heat generated from a truck into the infested area. These services can easily remove bed bugs.

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