Bed Bugs in Arizona - Bedbug Exterminator in AZ

Bed bugs in Arizona are as much a problem as bedbugs throughout the world. Until the banning of DDT, bed bugs had been eradicated in most of the world. Since 1995, bed bugs have become a nuisance again. Arizona bed bugs are parasites, preferring to feed on human blood. Effects of contact with bed bugs result in skin rashes and other allergic symptoms. Diagnosis is achieved with the finding of bed bugs and the resultant symptoms. Treatment of the symptoms varies, but eradication of the bed bugs is paramount and usually entails the skills of a professional bed bug exterminator.

Arizona bedbugs are also known as chinche, redcoat, crimson rambler, heavy dragoon, wall louse and mahogany flat. They are little creatures about the size of an apple seed, oval shaped, reddish brown and flat. Their domain of preference is beds, including box springs, headboard and footboard, bedding and frames. Bed bugs are not nocturnal insects, but they are most active when beds are occupied with a sleeping host upon whom they feed unnoticed.

Recently infestations of bedbugs in Arizona have become more prevalent, especially in hotels, motels and other shared sleeping areas. The cause of the resurgence of bedbug infestation has been traced to foreign travel, increasing resistance of bedbugs to pesticides and the popularity of purchasing second hand furniture. Infestation can occur in a variety of ways, including:

- Transference of the insects and their eggs have from a pet, clothing or luggage to a bed
- Infested second hand furniture or bedding
- Neighboring dwellings which are infested which share ductwork or false ceilings
- Visitors from a source of infestation which transfers to new surroundings

Bed bugs can be detected by their odor of almonds or over-ripe raspberries. Dogs trained to find infestations have an accuracy rate of 97.5% according to researchers. Bed bug exterminators usually use high speed gas chromatography to detect bed bugs and other insects. Eradication of bed bugs requires pesticide and non-pesticide treatments. Professional bedbug exterminators use pyrethroids, malathion and dichlorvos for elimination of bedbugs and must be followed up with a thorough vacuuming of all components of a bed and its surroundings. Wrapping or heat treating mattresses is also recommended.

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