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Both insects and rodents serve important ecological roles in nature, but when they invade your home they can wreak havoc on its superstructure and present a health risk to your family. Structures are a perfect breeding ground for these pests and eliminating them safely and efficiently is a difficult challenge. Whether they are wood ants or termites eating away at wood, mice or rats munching on insulation or roaches feeding on everything else, the result can quickly be extensive and expensive damage to your home. If you even suspect a problem it is vital that you find Arkansas exterminators immediately. Most damage occurs in unseen areas and what is visible may only be the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

More importantly, these uninvited guests carry and spread bacteria and viruses known to be dangerous to people. Lyme disease carrying ticks, E Coli and Salmonella spreading cockroaches and Hantavirus spreading rodent droppings are examples of direct health threats to your family. Even seemingly innocuous insects such as mosquitoes can carry the West Nile Virus. To top it all off, wasps, bees and fleas can attack. For many people, these stings and bites can result in severe allergic reactions.

What is the best way to handle them? Sealing cracks and crevices to prevent easy access to your home is one step. Removing enticements such as stagnant water or exposed food is another. Dealing with a single wasp nest or a small ant colony in your yard is one thing, but once these pests have invaded the interior of your home, the problem can be long-term and recurring if handled incorrectly. Insects and rodents are survivalists and they are experts at burying themselves deep in the recesses of your home. Successfully eliminating them involves utilizing safe application techniques, using correct and safe pesticides and possessing knowledge about the habits of each species. An Arkansas extermination company has experience with each of these tasks.

Once eliminated from your home, the battle may be won, but the fight to keep them out must continue. Your home is heaven to these invaders and keeping them at bay requires a minimal but ongoing maintenance program. Employing an exterminator in Arkansas is your best approach to protecting your home and family from these risks.

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