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The warm, dessert climate of Arizona offers a humidity free and beautiful environment to which many travel to for recreation and retirement. Unfortunately, the breathtaking landscape is not without its undesirables in the home, namely in the form of insects and rodents.

Arizona pests include the common found throughout the country as well as its own unique contributions such as scorpions, dangerous spiders and larger varieties of species such as cockroaches. These pests may offer a service to the world, but once they are in the home they can be destructive and often frightening. It is believed that 11,000 species of insects dwell in Arizona and it is essential to keep these pests outdoors where they can actually be beneficial.

When looking to secure the home from an AZ pest, the first step should be to perform an inspection first. There is no point to using sprays or calling an exterminator when the initial problem remains untouched. Check to make sure that all windows and doors seal correctly and that there are no cracks or openings where insects and other unwelcome guests can squeeze their way in.

An Arizona pest will also be able to locate any cracks in the most obscure of locations just about anywhere in the home. Seal these cracks shut with a quality caulk or wood, cement or other material depending on the size of the crack.

A leaking piping is yet another way for pests to find a way inside as well as cause damage to the home. Plumbing throughout the house should be inspected regularly in order to stop a potential problem before it gets out of control.

Wire mesh is downright irritating to pests and should be used in the attic, underneath radiators and any other questionable areas where mice can enter the home. Crawl spaces are especially inviting to an assortment of Arizona pests and the home can be protected by installing mesh screens.

The simplest form of prevention is with cleanliness around the home. Food should be kept in tightly sealed containers and garbage bins emptied regularly. Avoid piling items in dark corners as these can be the perfect breeding grounds for black widow spiders.

Should a pest find its way into the home despite the above measures, it is always best to call an Arizona pest exterminator as opposed to handling the situation with store bought products, especially when dealing with pests that are dangerous to pets and humans.

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